My Friends Mom Helps Me Masturbate – S5:E3

Natasha Nice is using a dating site to try to find a hookup to find someone who can fuck her right. She’s just so thirsty, but she still has standards. Even as she laments her horniness, a knock on the door lets Natasha know that her son’s best friend, Charlie, has arrived for his tutoring session. They settle down at the table, where Charlie admits that he’s struggling in class because he keeps getting distracted by the girl next to him. It’s her breasts: he just can’t keep his eyes off those titties.When Natasha hears Charlie’s excuse, she suggests that he masturbate before class. Charlie confesses that he doesn’t masturbate because he was always told it was bad. She offers to help him learn what to do so he can release some tension. Leaning forward, Natasha shakes those big jugs. Charlie can’t stop watching them jiggle. Popping them out, Natasha verbally guides Charlie in stroking his hardon. Natasha suggests that they relocate to the living room so she can sit in a chair and put on one hell of a show. She shows off her feet, her nipples, her dripping hairy pussy. Eventually she takes those feet and starts stroking Charlie off with them.Leaning back in the chair, Natasha masturbates her greedy twat while describing all the things she likes for Charlie. Then she gets to her knees and grabs his cock to gobble it down in a horny BJ. Natasha is voracious for the D, sucking the balls and deep throating with ever growing enthusiasm. Eventually she gets Charlie on his back so she can ri9de him! Fucking Charlie in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl lets him feel what a woman’s pussy can be like. He puts those lessons to use as he gives it to his best friend’s mommy in doggy. Standing up, Natasha takes it from behind one last time. When she’s finally had enough, Natasha gets on her knees and shoves her boobs together to create a landing spot for Charlie’s cum.