Dont Tell Your Father – S3:E9

Crystal Rush works hard to keep her bigtit body nice and fit for her new husband. She does yoga right in the living room since there’s no room in the bedroom. That would be fine, except her husband’s son, Jason, can’t help perving on her. He’s got one hell of a stiffie when he tries to come in and confront his stepmother about her outfit. Crystal listens to Jason complain about her big tits and camel toe being out there for him to see. Then she tells Jason that since he’s seen her camel toe, she needs to see his erection.Jason tries to stop his stepmom from coming on to him, but she confesses that her husband no longer fucks her and she has needs. She gets Jason to pop his erection out, then railroads him into letting her crawl over and touch it. Once Crystal’s hands are on that hard dick, she’s not about to let go without getting some satisfaction. Opening wide, she slurps the tip into her mouth in a prelude of things to come. Jason has just enough time to take a seat before Crystal really goes to work on him, deep throating his cock and delivering a titty fuck between her magnificent breasts.Getting on the couch on her back, Crystal spreads her thighs nice and wide in a blatant invitation. Jason takes her up on it, filling that landing strip snatch nice and full of cock. Crystal turns over so Jason can do her from behind. Next, Jason takes a seat so Crystal can ride his fuck stick in cowgirl and then turn around to do him in reverse cowgirl. She takes one last pussy pounding on her back, then opens wide as Jason pulls out to cover her titties and face with his cum shot. They agree that this will be their little secret.