For Your Attention – S13:E10

LaSirena69 is looking fine as fuck in some sheer lacy lingerie and a robe that gives just the right amount of coverage to heighten the sexiness. She stands in the doorway rubbing herself down as she stares at Sam Shock, who is intent on his work. LaSirena isn’t about to take no for an answer, so she eventually struts across the room and shoves her boobs into Sam’s face to make sure he gets the message.Sam has a lot of work to do, so he does his best to resist the temptation to take a break. Pouting now, LaSirena drops her robe and puts Sam’s hand on her ass so he can properly admire the way it feels. When Sam continues to neglect her, LaSirena pushes the laptop closed, then pops her tits out of her bra to shove in his face as encouragement to get his priorities straight. Finally giving in to temptation, Sam reaches out to heft those fun bags. His hands slide over LaSirena’s new nipple piercing as he kneads and squeezes. LaSirena lets Sam touch for a hot minute, then shoves him onto his back so she can crawl on top of him. Her position of power lets her grind against Sam’s hardon through both their clothes in a sizzling preview of their upcoming indulgence. Once LaSirena and Sam are both finally nude from the waist down, it’s just a matter of adjusting her hips for LaSirena to impale herself on Sam’s fuck stick. Rocking her hips, she enjoys her ride for a few thrusts before hopping off. She takes the opportunity to suck her own juices from Sam’s cock, then leans forward to deliver a titty fuck that only whets his appetite for more.LaSirena delivers when she turns around so Sam can admire her ass as she continues to tease him. Once she finally sinks down once again so that Sam is deep inside her, he’s achingly hard. That’s just what LaSirena needs as she bounces her bottom to a sensual rhythm. When LaSirena leans forward until her elbows are on the mattress, Sam follows her so that he can fuck her in doggy.Rolling onto her back, LaSirena throws her head back in delight as Sam reenters her velvet glove. They slow things down for some sensual time enjoying one another’s bodies as LaSirena guides Sam to hit all the right places. Sam gives it to his girlfriend until she’s twitching with her pleasure, then pulls out and strokes himself off to cum all over her belly. Finally sated, LaSirena runs her fingers through Sam’s jizz and smooths it across her heated body.